There will be no discrepancies on packing mode or pack material whether the shipment is surface or air transport.All of our removals are packed as per the stipulations of ocean transport, wrapping adequately all furniture pieces after dis-mantling. This service is rendered by our fully trained export packing team. We provide highest packing standards that is available by using abundant first class packing material. The most important principle for us is to ensure that; your goods will be delivered to you new home safe and sound.


Household goods can be transported world-wide by sea, air and road transport. The country that you are moving, the volume of household, and time period will determine your preferance.


Whether domestic or international, a very careful handling is always needed when transporting a car or a yacht. Our company with experience, would be happy to assist you.


Objects of art and exhibition goods require always special handling and care. Fragile items of high value will be packed with the skillful hands of our expert packers utilising highest quality packing material, placing the same into wooden crates of appropriate sizes produced by our company, and finally they will be loaded onto transport units with utmost pre-cautions for the realization of domestic or international shipments.


We deliver your goods to destination ports or cities of Far-East, Europe, America, Africa or Asia safely and securely by sea transport.By means of regular vessel services transit journey durations are now shorter than ever.


With airfreight shipments around the world to 1000's of airports you may like to consider airfreight services so that your essential items and personal effects will arrive immediately as your non-essential effects delivered later.


Our trucking service by TIR offers the freedom of a specific date for the goods to be removed from your current address and to be delivered at some europe countries subject to road and driving conditions.



Moving out


Before our staff arrive, be clear in what they are contracted to do and what you are expected to do. Do not hesitate to contact our authorized co-ordinator or supervisor for your questions. As it happens always, both the house owner and the removal men have fairly defined responsibilities. However a reasonable flexibility on both sides is of course desirable.

Moving in

Make sure that you or some other responsible person is on hand to admit the removal men. If no-one is there and truck's or container's waiting time expires, you could find yourself landed with futile expenses. Confirm absolutely the delivery date and hour beforehand. It can also save time and confusion if you stand at the entrance and specify the location of each item as it is carried in. By this manner you will observe that the removal men themselves responding to your good sense with extra efficiency.


Children are naturally curious, and can easily get in the way and be injured. The younger ones are best left with a neighbour or friend until it is time to leave.


There is of course no obligation to tip the removal men. As with all personal services if there is a distinction at the offered service, people would be happy to receive an extra reward. If you feel that a reward has been earned it is up to you, to tip or not

Whom to tell about your removal

- Public services :Electricity, Water, Telephone, Natural Gas

- Banks: Credit cards etc.

- Insurance : Health insurance, car insurance etc.

- Your landlord

- Your tenant

- Lawyer and accountant

- Your relatives/friends

- Cable TV, ADSL

- Your employer

- Local authority: Removal document, change of address

- Children's school